Two of the biggest electronics giants, Apple and Sony, have both announced that they are working on new technologies for the displaying of 3D television.

First up are Apple and their innovative approach is to do away with the need for 3D glasses completely. They are developing a unique 3D viewing system where a whole group of viewers can all enjoy magical 3D images at once from the same source. How this is going to work is still a tad vague but the general idea is that the screen will know where the audience is positioned and will reflect individual pixels from the image to each viewer’s left and right eyes creating the illusion of a 3D image. How the tv will detect each viewer’s eyes and be able to send all that information in different directions at the same time, is quite baffling and at present, seems to be more rooted in the realm of science fiction, but hopefully all will become clearer over time.

Back in reality world, Sony are working on a system that is more likely to see the light of day in the very near future. They are working on a new LCD technology with a very quick response time of less than 3ms. This ‘Hybrid FPA’ LCD screen should result in sharper images with less ghosting, but the proof will be in the 3D pudding.