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Panasonic Viera TX-P42VT20B 3D HD TV Review

What do we have here then? Well, it's Panasonic's stab at a more 'entry-level' (in comparison!), consumer driven 42' plasma full HD 3D television - 3D HD for the masses! This has come as a slight u-turn as Panasonic were only initially planning on produing it's 3D HD plasma tellies in largeer screen formats, such as 50' and 60' screens. ...

3D Television

3D Television - it's finally, properly, among us! Yep, the latest technology to enhance your viewing pleasure is here and, quite literally, in your face, with 3D TV. 3D High Definition Televisions are now available to purchase to enable you to watch 3D content in the comfort of your own homes. Initially purely located in the realm of the cinema, 3D ...


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